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12v Battery-Powered Toy Tractor with Trailer
12v Battery-Powered Toy Tractor with Trailer
12v Battery-Powered Toy Tractor with Trailer
12v Battery-Powered Toy Tractor with Trailer
12v Battery-Powered Toy Tractor with Trailer

12v Battery-Powered Toy Tractor with Trailer

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12v Battery-Powered Toy Tractor with Trailer,3-Gear-Shift Ground Loader Ride On with LED Lights and USB&Bluetooth Audio Functions


[Excellent Performance] Thanks to a high-quality rechargeable battery with large capacity and two powerful motors, this toy tractor can run fast for a long time even on complex terrain such as grass, soil and gravel, with a maximum load of 110 pounds.

[Practical 3 Gear Shift] This ride has a shift handle that corresponds to two forward gears and one reverse gear when your child steps on the foot pedal. The second forward gear will bring faster speed and more thrilling experience than the first.

[Multiple Entertainment Functions] Built-in audio equipment, which can play preset sounds and other music entered through USB port  at adjustable volume.

[Extra Fun from Trailer and Horn] This toy tractor is equipped with a large trailer, which can only be used to transport items that are not very heavy, such as books and toys, but cannot transport people. In addition, the air-powered horn will make funny sounds, and your child can have extra driving pleasure.

[Safe and Thoughtful Measures] We specially add armrests beside the seat and an adjustable safety belt with buckles to prevent your child from falling off. You will know the charging time according to the battery display next to the volume button.


Color:Red/Yellow/Black/Dark Green/Green

Main material: PP(polypropylene) and iron

Size:  46 x 29 x 30  inches

Net Weight: 61.6 LBS

Quantity of belt: 1

3 Class Speed Adjustable: 1.8-3.8 mph ( Low/Medium/High)

Charge Time: 8-12 hrs (Read the instruction carefully before first charge)

Running Time: 1-2 hrs

Battery Type: 12V7AH

Charger:  Input:110V~240V

                Output: DC 12V1000MA

Gender:Boys and Girls

Recommended Ages: 3-8 years

Weight Capacity: 66 LBS

Package includes:

1 x Electric Benz Truck 

1 X Charger

1 X Rechargeable Battery

1 x Instruction Manual

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