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Affiliate Program

Welcome to Sandinrayli Affiliate Program

What affiliate is?

Take full advantage of your website or social resource to become an affiliate partner to earn commissions. Just put the referal link, coupon code on your website, social platform or anywhere that could attract people to visit and place orders from, then you could make commissions from sales. The most important point is that: share the unique link, coupon code or banner to users.

How Much will Earn from Sandinrayli Affiliate Program

7% commission of the amount of that order you could earn within 30 days cookies. Any of your users click the unique link/banner to Sandinrayli,com to place order within 30 days or apply the coupon code when check out, you will earn 7% commission of the order amount. 

Sales promotions will be applied to if order life order amount is vast.

Choose Sandinrayli:

  • Great Deal of Categories: Homefurniture, business supplies, pet supply, kids & baby, salon equipment, gifts, kitchen appliance, garden tool and sporting goods, related to every part of people life requirement. 
  • High Commission: 7% commission from sales
  • Long Time Cookies: 90 days cookies.
  • Minimum payment: $100.00
  • ReliableAffiliate Tracking: account balance could be checked or track directly own transaction anytime.

We welcome you to join our family.


  • Sandinrayli does not allow Wholesalers to joinAffiliate Program. Commission of the orders will be canceled once discover.
  • Privatelink or coupon codes not uploaded or provided by will not be recognized.

3) The commission will be held for 30 days in case order cancellation or return.

Start Now:

Step one: Sign up for a account on

Step two: Get your unique Refer Url / Code from your account.

Step three: Share the refer Url link on your website, facebook, instagram, pinterest ectc. OR email your friends.

More to Know:

For more information and any further questions please feel free to contact:


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