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Makeup Vanity

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History of vanity table

In the present day, the bedroom vanity table often shows as simple sleek line with storage and a mirror. But the vanity table enjoys a long history of developing. Way back before the Kardashians (probably) tried to trademark contouring, ancient Egyptians stored their rare eye makeup colors, perfumes, and oils inside super fancy and ornately decorated boxes. Around the late 17th century in Europe, the beauty revolution was spreading like wildfire, members of high society were indulging in some insanely lengthy beauty rituals, so the once basic beauty boxes were retired in favor of something bigger and better. At the dawn of 2000, contemporary vanity tables with futuristic designs showed up on the scene.

Why do we need a makeup vanity?

Suffice it to say that how important a makeup vanity for a person pursuing good looks. There is a saying, a gentleman dies for the patron who recognizes his worth, a girl dolls herself up for the man who loves her. Having a vanity table is a game changer for any one who loves makeup and luxurious glam time. It helps you have a more peaceful morning routine, which makes your morning so much less hectic and starts your day off on an amazing note. As the name suggests, the makeup vanity is made for wearing makeup, maintaining skin care day and night, sometimes doubles as writing desk or nightstand as well. An ideal place to keep many of your personal toiletries like hair brushes, combs, talcum powder bowls, perfumes, lotions, nail polish, manicure sets, barrettes and clips, etc.

Modern furniture brands produce gorgeous reproductions, so various kinds of vanity tables are available than ever before. Sandinrayli has authentic pieces that a girl could dream of. Some prefer the vintage dazzling design that is exquisite and royal, while others opt for a minimalist simple vanity with drawers and a mirror as shown above.

What makes a great vanity table?

The most useful vanity set that offers the greatest convenience should have features as follows: start with mirror, every makeup vanity should attach a mirror to aid you as you put on your cosmetics and style your hair. Then comes with storage, sort and organize all your personal care items with plenty of drawer space. Keep everything you need near at hand. Finally the comfort. Considering you’ll be spending a significant amount of time there, the experience should always be as pleasant as possible. So look for a makeup vanity with smooth edges, a nice large tabletop and a cushioned seat.

Sandinrayli Makeup vanity

Once the vanity table is ready, you are good to put it in a right place. First of all, please do not set it near or face directly your bed in that you’ll be sacred when you get up in the night to respond to nature calls and affect sleep. Furthermore, we strongly advise against facing the door out of the same reason of the first suggestion. The proper place for a mirrored table is near the closet or a well-lit corner away from the bed.

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