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The importance of Bedroom nightstand

No living things are exempt from sleep, on which 1/3 of our lives is spent, whether it’s temporary or eternal, and sleep can never bypass bed and accompanying supplies. Classified as main cabinet and side table, a nightstand set beside the bed as functional and decorative movable storage locker to place life necessities like medicine, phone, books, photos, glasses and alarms, etc. Needless to say, a nightstand is small yet crucial finishing touch when it comes to the consistency and harmony of room decoration.

How to pick a perfect nightstand that blends with your room?

The variety of nightstands abound. Colors, materials, fashions, organizing ways, height and even forms bring up significantly different bedside tables and effects. For starters, measure your spare room prepared for the nightstand. A recommendable locker height is accordant with the bed (normally around 5.9” higher or lower than the top of the mattress) to fetch conveniently and do not steal the thunder of the whole room. Bearing in mind that keeps 1.6-2.4” W distance between your bed and the nightstand for safety concern. Then, the quantity of drawers hinges on how much stuff you are going to place around your bed. A single-layered bedside table is suggested if you just need to put the phone, alarm, and a desk lamp nearby. Otherwise, a multi-layer one is on offer. Choose a larger desktop and open design if you want frequently used items near at hand. Next, if your room is pretty small, a personalized table is highly recommendable to stand out from the limited space. What cannot neglect is the delicate touch apart from the exquisite appearance for it says quality and value. Besides, details like smooth sliding rail and fine workmanship merit attention. Bearing capacity, eco-friendly materials that are odor-free should be taken into account. Last but not least, style matters most. The nightstand always pivots on the bed and room decoration. Light-colored tables, glass made lockers, or burnished metal bedside cabinets illuminate the bedroom and light you up as you walk in. On the contrary, dark-colored and wood made ones balance the extra light and the color tensility of space, taking on a high-end and profound tone. But no matter what kind of nightstand you choose, we advise the same color similar to your bed, which is a relatively simple and safe fashion match.

Sandinrayli Bedroom Nightstand

For girls who doll themselves up for a good mood and for those who love them, a nightstand or makeup vanity that facilitate their skincare and makeup is more of a must than just a basic need. And for someone who is particular about home décor, a piece of well-made bedside furniture is also indispensable. Sandinrayli has everything you want besides the bed from pastoral fresh style end tables, mirrored crystal accent nightstands to fabric dressers based on different height, colors and styles. You can pick what you want here and be satisfied with your choice. Enjoy your home decoration process and the satisfaction of making your own little nest step by step with the sincere help of Sandinrayli. Feel free to browse our website and purchase from us.

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