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How To Choose Safe And Interesting Toys For Babies & Kids

Over the years, the application of modern technology are being brought to every finest product for all aspects of daily living. As being a father, a mother, we also need to care about what toys we should buy for our children.

Toys for babies & kids are increasingly diverse in types, designs, quality, ... Parents need to find out the reputable toy stores and carefully choose the best products. The following article will show you how to choose a safe and interesting toy for children.

How To Choose

Firstly, we should choose the toys that match our baby's age to develop children's thinking. If your children are 1 year old or older, parents should choose toys with beautiful colors, familiar sounds help stimulate their imagination . Especially for children over 3 years old, parents have better to choose toys to develop skills and intelligence for children.

When choosing toys for children, parents also need to pay attention to toys with light emitting lights, emitting light quanta with lasers. Because it is not safe for children and can affect the retina of the child's eye and directly affect vision.

Another tip is buying the toys that don't have many sharp edges and ventilation holes to avoid choking if your child happens to be trapped inside, safe for them to play alone. Some parents nowadays often choose safe wooden toys for their children, not toys made of PVC (synthetic resin).

Finally, choosing the toys that can be used to play with a group, or with parents because it is the activity that helps babies get close to everyone. Especially helping parents closer to the children and relieve stress after working days.

Kids Dome Climber

Not To Choose

Parents should avoid choosing a toy that affect your child's hearing. Some studies show that if the sound in the threshold of 80 dB can cause direct harm to the child's health.

Do not choose unknown origin toys, toys that are dangerous to your baby's health or small parts in toys that are sharp, sharp or rigid, have spikes, cause scratching of the skin, bleed, or dangerous edges or small details such as a ball that are accidentally swallowed.

Absolutely do not choose toys with a strong odor such as a burning odor, a rubbery smell, a pungent odor or any other smell as these toys are likely to be made from unsecured materials that could cause an bad affect the health of children.

In conclusion, toys are close friends with children, create a sense of mental comfort as well as to develop thinking and personality for each child. Hopefully the above information will help parents choose safe and interesting toys for their babies & kids to make children's birthday super special.

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